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Beurer FB 25 Massage Footbath

Magnetic Field Therapy

Beurer FB 25 Massage Footbath

Magnetic Field Therapy

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  • Provides gentle vibration
  • Bubble therapy relieves tension
  • Revives tired feet
  • Promotes cell regeneration
  • Acupuncture nodes offer reflexology massage
  • Magnetic field therapy energises the cells

2年間保証 Official Beurer Retailer
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Pamper yourself with the Beurer Massage Footbath. The integrated magnetic field therapy stimulates circulation, promotes cell regeneration, revitalises the feet and relaxes tense muscles.


  • Foot bubble bath
  • 16 integrated magnets
  • Massage sole
  • Detachable massage roller for foot reflex zone massage


Science behind the bubbles

Magnetic field therapy: the positive features of magnetic fields on the human body have been known for a long time. They are used in magnetic field therapy to increase the supply of energy to the cells.

Kneipp foot baths: alternating hot and cold baths are the foundation of Sebastian Kneipps health philosophy.

Foot reflex zone massage: foot reflex zone massage is a very popular massage technique, in which the entire body is believed to be influenced by treating the feet.

Foot bubble bath: the foot bubble bath is a simple and popular method for looking after your feet at home. Using a foot bubble bath, you yourself can actively do something good for your feet as often as you like.