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Crystal Clear Contour It Facial Contouring Duo

Improved definition

Crystal Clear Contour It Facial Contouring Duo

Improved definition

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  • Contours without need for make-up
  • Quick and easy treatment
  • Leaves your skin feeling toned and sculpted
  • Boosts absorbtion of anti-ageing moisturisers
  • Defines and lifts your skin
  • Compact size, great for using on-the-go

2年間保証 Official Crystal Clear Retailer
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Facial muscles are unique in being directly attached to the skin, rejuvenating your appearance as they are gradually trained and toned.

Improve your facial tone and contours with Crystal Clear Contour It.

The compact wand applicator harness the power of sonic technology to boost circulation and optimise the absorption of your favourite skincare products.

With a smooth design, the wand makes defining your facial features quick and easy, avoiding streaky application of serums, moisturisers and make-up.

For best results, we recommend using the Contour IT applicator with the Crystal Clear Illuminate moisturiser.


  • Crystal Clear Contour It Applicator
  • Crystal Clear Illuminate Moisturiser 25ml


Effortless Definition

Crystal Clear's Contour It wand applicator channels gentle sonic technology for a clean and effective way to maximise your everyday beauty routine.

This intelligent device has been powered wit 10,000 vibrations per minute, lifting your brow and sculpting your cheekbones to achieve a chiselled look in an instant.

The Crystal Clear Illuminate moisturiser has been specifically formulated to brighten and firm dull and lifeless skin.

With each use, it evens out your skin tone to create the perfect base for long-lasting, luminous make-up.