Sensica センシスムースクレンズパッドキット

Deep-cleansing face exfoliator brush pads

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    • Two facial cleansing pads for the Sensica Sensismooth 3-in-1 Spa Device
    • Deep cleansing pad removes stubborn makeup and sensitive pad cleans delicate skin
    • 98% of users satisfied after just their first treatment
    • Replace cleansing brush pads in a snap
    • Protects skin with smart pressure sensor
    • Use for 20 seconds per area up to twice a day

    2 Year Warranty official Sensica Retailer


    The Sensica Sensismooth Cleanse Pad Kit works in tandem with the Sensica Sensismooth whole-body exfoliator device. Change and clean in a snap. Each pad just pops on and off for the perfect tool for each treatment.

    Use the Sensica Sensismooth Cleanse Pad Kit to remove stubborn makeup, dirt, sebum and deep clean your face and neck.

    The Adapt2U™ technology makes sure you get in those hard to reach places like the side of your nose, folds of your neck and more. Push too hard and the Sensica Sensismooth will turn off. It's smart cleansing.

    Choose the Adapt2U™ Deep Cleansing pad to get at caked-on makeup, oils and dirt or the Sensitive Face Brush pad for your delicate skin like near the eyes and lips. Safe to use up to twice a day.


    • Sensica Sensismooth Adapt2U™ Deep Cleansing Pad
    • Sensica Sensismooth Sensitive Face Brush Pad


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    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Choose either the Sensica Sensismooth Adapt2U™ Deep Cleansing pad or Sensitive Face Brush pad and snap on to the device.

    Step 2: Apply a cleanser to the pad and use on wet skin. Choose a speed and glide over each area for 20 seconds. Use up to 2 times a day.

    Step 3: Store after cleaning the pads with soap and water.

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