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Silk'n Glide Xpress 300,000

Effective IPL technology

Silk'n Glide Xpress 300,000

Effective IPL technology

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価格 ¥26,492 ¥26,492


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  • Quick 20-minute treatment session
  • Suitable for use on the face and body
  • Users reported 92% reduction in body hair
  • Visible results in just 8 sessions
  • Comes with 300,000 light pulses
  • Please note we are unable to ship this product to Hong Kong, China or USA

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Nobody likes spending time getting rid of unwanted hair, and that includes us here at CB! That's why we were so excited when the Silk'n Glide Express landed on our desks. In just 20 minutes you can complete the first treatment, and that's from head to toe! You'll only need around 8 sessions, totalling in at 2 hours 40 minutes. That's nothing when you consider the average woman spends 72 days of her life shaving! Plus, as this particular model comes with 300,000 light pulses, you'll never need to replace the cartridge. This means the price you see is all you have to pay for a permanently hair free body.


  • Silk'n Glide Xpress 300,000


The Silk'n Glide Xpress uses a form of Intense Pulsed Light called HPL (Home Pulsed Light). Its a similar technology to whats used in salons all over the world, but is adapted to be used in your own home. It works by transmitting pulses of light into the hair follicle to stop regrowth, leaving you with silky smooth skin once your treatments have been completed. Each treatment only takes 20 minutes, and you'll need to repeat it every 2-4 weeks for 8 cycles. Once this has been completed, you'll notice a 92% reduction in unwanted hair.

This device is designed for use on skin types I - V on the Fitzpatrick Scale. It must not be used on the naturally darkest of skin tones as it could cause discomfort, pain, blistering and burns.

It is also worth noting that if your body hair is naturally white, grey, blonde or red, this Silk'n device will not work on you.

Additional Information


Silk'n Glide is not designed for everyone. Please read and consider the information in the following section before use. For further information and personalised advice you may visit Hair removal by lasers or intense pulsed light sources can cause increased hair growth in some individuals. Based upon currently available data, the highest risk groups of this response are females of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and South Asian heritage treated on the face and neck.

- Do not use the Silk'n Glide on the naturally darkest skin complexion. See the hair and skin colour chart on the package for further information.

- Do not use Silk'n Glide energy levels 2-5 on tanned skin or after recent sun exposure (including artificial tanning machines). Do not expose treated areas to the sun.

- Never use Silk'n Glide around or near the eyes.

- Do not treat on tattoos or permanent make-up, dark brown or black spots (such as large freckles, birth marks, moles or warts), nipples, genitals or lips.

- Do not treat on active eczema, psoriasis, lesions, open wounds or infections (cold sores), abnormal skin conditions caused by systemic or metabolic diseases (diabetes for example).

- A treatment area that has a history of herpes outbreaks.

- Do not treat with Silk'n Glide if you are pregnant or nursing.

- Do not treat on areas where you may want your hair to grow.

- Keep Silk'n Glide away from water! Do not place or store Silk'n Glide where it can fall, be pushed or placed into a tub, sink or any other vessel containing water.

- Do not attempt to open or repair your Silk'n Glide device.

- Do not use Silk'n Glide if the device is operated by non-official accessories, has a damaged cord or plug, you see or smell smoke when device is in use, it appears to be damaged, the outer shell is broken or the skin colour sensor is cracked or broken.