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スキンジムローズクォーツリフトフェイス、ネック、ボディローラー | CurrentBody(カレントボディ)

Cools and de-puffs the complexion

スキンジムローズクォーツリフトフェイス、ネック、ボディローラー | CurrentBody(カレントボディ)

Cools and de-puffs the complexion

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価格 ¥7,844 ¥7,844



  • Designed to be used on the face, neck and body
  • Roll over skin to instantly cool and de-puff
  • Delivers a gentle, relaxing massage
  • Relieves built-up muscle tension
  • Contours the face and aids lymphatic drainage
  • Made from soothing, natural Rose Quartz

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This Rose Quartz crystal roller has been specifically designed with a larger head, for rolling across the face, neck and body. It’s the perfect device for treating a range of skin concerns.

This full body, soothing treatment works to relieve built-up muscle tension, delivering a gentle, relaxing massage.

Use the device to roll over acupressure points, helping the body to flush out toxins and destress. You can even roll over areas of skin that are particularly puffy or irritated to deliver an instantly calming and cooling treatment.

Your skin will instantly look brighter, younger and perfectly sculpted. We love this device because Rose Quartz is known for its tension easing and anxiety reducing abilities.


  • Skin Gym Rose Quartz Lift Face, Neck, and Body Roller