slip® ピュア シルク スリープマスク - ブラック - ホリデーエディション

Dreamy silk sleep mask and scrunchie set

¥3,813 ¥7,400
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    割引コード:OL10 使用でさらに10%オフ! シルバーウィークセール!今だけハイドロゲルアイマスク5枚無料プレゼント*2万円以上の購入で適用



    • Sleep better with the pure silk eye mask
    • Included silk scrunchie for kink-free hair
    • 100% mulberry silk doesn't tug on hair or skin
    • Super soft feel, made from non-toxic dyes
    • Perfect for a secret Santa gift or stocking filler
    • Wear nightly for better-looking hair and improved sleep

    Over 20,000 SLIP products sold worldwide


    Enjoy a luxurious night's sleep with the slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask Holiday Edition. Made from pure mulberry silk, slip this eye mask on to block out light pollution for a deeper sleep. Soft and gentle on your skin, you'll wake up with fewer sleep creases in the morning.

    Plus silk isn't an absorbent fabric, so it keeps your expensive creams and serums where you want them – on your face. It comes packaged up in a wonderfully festive box – adorned with moons, stars and snowflakes – that any loved one would be delighted to receive as a Christmas gift.


    • slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask Holiday Edition


    HISTORY 沿革




    It's as simple as

    Step 1: Put the slip® Pure Silk Sleep Mask Holiday Edition over your eyes.

    Step 2: Adjust into a comfortable position.

    Step 3: Doze off for a restful night's sleep.

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