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Millionaire Smile(ミリオネア スマイル)ボルカニックホワイトグロー歯磨き粉 | CurrentBody(カレントボディ)

Activated charcoal whitening toothpaste

Millionaire Smile(ミリオネア スマイル)ボルカニックホワイトグロー歯磨き粉 | CurrentBody(カレントボディ)

Activated charcoal whitening toothpaste

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  • Tackles surface stains and prevents daily stains
  • Helps to rebuild your enamel
  • Gently whitens your teeth
  • Maintains healthy gums, fresh breath and reduces sensitivity
  • Suitable for those with sensitive teeth
  • 95% of participants achieved 2 shades whiter smile

2 Year Warranty official Millionaire Smile
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Developed by leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Robbie Hughes, the Millionaire Smile Volcanic White Glow toothpaste will whiten your teeth while taking good care of your gums too.

Active ingredients hydroxyapatite, activated charcoal and volcanic minerals work together to give you a whiter smile in 28 days - by tackling surface stains and preventing staining throughout the day from things like tea and coffee.

This toothpaste also promotes better oral hygiene and health, helping to maintain healthy gums and fresh breath - all packaged up in 100% plastic-free packaging too.


  • Millionaire Smile Volcanic Glow Toothpaste


free gift worth £4.99

For a limited time only, receive a FREE Reusable Straw Pack with any Millionaire Smile purchase.

These eco-friendly straws are made from bamboo, which can be re-used and are a great alternative to plastic straws.

Including two straws and a brush for easy cleaning, drinking through these eco straws minimises the contact drinks have with your teeth, helping to reduce stains and discolouration.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Apply onto your toothbrush as you normally would.

Step 2: Brush for the recommended time of 2 minutes.

Step 3: Use once in the morning, then again in the evening.