ZIIP ビューティー GX シリーズ ナノカレント スキンケアデバイス + シルバージェル 80ml | CurrentBody (カレントボディ)


¥69,560 ¥69,560
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    • 肌を輝かせる有効成分配合
    • 単品でもマスクとしてもZIIPデバイスと組み合わせても使用可能
    • 肌をふっくらとさせ、輝きを与える
    • 乾燥やくすみが気になる肌に潤いを与える
    • シリコン、オイル、パラベンフリー

    2年間保証 official Hayo'u Retailer





    • ZIIP ビューティーGXナノカレントスキンケアデバイス本体
    • ZIIP ビューティーゴールデン導電性ジェル (80ml)
    • ZIIP ビューティーシルバージェル (80ml)


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    1 レビュー

    A must have

    First I have to say that I got the ziip from another company that is why I write a review before you can buy it here. At first I thought it didn't do much, I couldn't feel it working and I couldn't see anything. I was using the preprogrammed treatment, you can only use the ziip with an iPhone witch is a bummer if you don't have one. When I finally could change the treatment to eyes and instant gratification oh boy you couldn't see some changes to my face. My eyes looked more open and not so dark, yes they are still dark but that is something for a filler and can't be fixed with a device on me. I use the eye treatment to plump up my lips every day too and I got my lips back. Look on YouTube for that treatment. I use the instant gratification 3 times a week and always two times on each side of the face and neck. It lifts and firms the face, I love it, I can see it over my cheekbones, jaw line and around my mouth. I have tried the treatment for blemishes and it works! I really wish I had one of this as a teenager. The device is easy to use, you don't feel much so get it to light up so you know that it is working. The gel is a must have, it is nice and easy to rinse off. The ziip feels nice in your hand and it is easy to take with you on a trip, I travel a lot so that is nice. They have added new treatments to it during the time I have had my ziip. Would I recommend it? Yes! That is why I write this. And yes how old am I, 48 but I look younger and I have some fillers in my…